this is obsolete doc -- see instead

Notes on using Novell SLES 




Boot the CDrom, choose, 

F3 > Text-mode

(note it's F2 on SLES9 and F3 on SLES10) 

and add boot option, 






Otherwise the KDE install process will bload the RAM and will slow down the installation. 

It's really much faster in text mode. 


In the package selection menu try, 

Filters > Patterns

and unselect (-) all, then Ok. 


To check what you're installing, 

Filters > Install Summary


Note. aaa_base is the base mandatory package 


To apply the dependencies, 

Etc. > Dependencies


To select and unselect packages there's also the Action menu, 

Action > ...


All listed packages


Do not install any



Remote install 

Create the install tree : 




Problems with Novell SLES, 

- starts bloated install GUI by default (much slower if only 1GB of RAM)
- text-mode install UI sucks at 80x25 unlike slackware, netbsd and freebsd.
- base system needs CD1 (284pkgs), CD2 (6pkgs), CD3 (6pkgs) and CD4 (5pkgs)
  couldn't one put the base packages on CD1 ?
- the package update system is slow and bloated
- YaST install sucks, the package selection stuff is unusable
- YaST deeply sucks.  Although it becomes better in SLES10, it has always been a pain : ugly and bugged, while providing almost 0 usability advantage : you have to write the configuration options anyways !  For example the samba configuration tool.  It's just than you got to click in some textboxes instead editing a text file... great...
- as a novell partner you get lots of commercial & marketing crap by mail.  Partner rewards points, etc.  Looks like they got more marketing guys (not architects) than engineers (just like MS has probably more lawers than engineers).
- they're spammers !  I receive 5 to 10 emails per month about commercial crap about reward points and so on.  Incredibly stressing.  And as I can't stand their website, much to complicated, I won't even unsubscribe from partnernet.