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Some notes and tips on maintaining AIX systems 




To restart the machine, 

shutdown -Fr



SMS utilities console 

To access the SMS utilities console, press 1 or F1 when the keyboard is being recognized. 

Note press Shift+1 on azerty keyboards (french one here). 




Make sure the postinstall wizard is deactivated. It may still be in /etc/inittab, 

vi /etc/inittab


Check maintenance/technology level, 

oslevel -s
instfix -i | grep ML


Check for disk mirroring (software raid), 

lsvg -l rootvg

Note. PPs should be twice the amount of LPs 


Check on what device the system boots up, 

bootlist -o -m normal

Note. for example, cd0, rmt0, hdisk0, hdisk1 


Sometimes if the bootlv is outside the first 4gb of disk this can happen. It's worth to try the following. Boot into maintenance mode, mount the filesystems, type the following and reboot, 

rmlv hd5
mklv -t boot -y hd5 -a e rootvg 1 hdisk0
bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk0
shutdown -Fr



Check for Hardware errors, 

errpt lft0
errpt > errpt.list
errpt -a > errpta.list

Note the dates, latest is at top, if I remember correctly. 




Check packages' consistency, 

lppchk -v

Note if you get errors, do some digging e.g., THAT's JUST HINTS & EXAMPLES, 

lslpp -L all | grep cpio
lslpp -lc
lslpp -l "*cpio*"
lslpp -hc | grep cpio
lppchk -vm3
installp -pv dvices.common.cpio.rte

It may be an ODM inconsistency which may be fixed e.g., THAT's JUST HINTS & EXAMPLES, 

echo $ODMDIR
(cd /etc/obm/)
(cd /usr/lab/objx/)
(cd /etc/objrepos/)
obmget product
obmget lpp
odmget -q lpp-name="devices.common" product

odmdelete -o product -q lpp-name="nom entrée" 

(obmdelete -o product -q lppname "nom entrée") 

obmdelete -o product -q "nom entrée" 


Proceed with some updates doing, 

smit update_all

Note. if new packages are working fine, validate them (and prevent going backwards) using smit. 




To perform an update, get the fixes from and, 

lppchk -v
errpt -a
smitty update_all
#shutdown -Fr





Try this command, 


and check into security/aixpert, 

ls -l /etc/security/aixpert