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Setting up the Sysmon system monitoring on NetBSD and FreeBSD 8 



There are three sysmon software to differenciate: 

- the one I talk about in here about network monitoring 

- the one that is included on bsd systems for system performance monitoring 

- yet another software with same name: 


Installation & Configuration 

Install the shit on NetBSD, 

echo $PKG_PATH 

pkg_add sysmon 

or FreeBSD, 


pkg_add -r sysmon 


Make sure the gateway resolvs, 

vi /etc/hosts 



Configure the shit on NetBSD, 

cd /etc/ 

ln -s /usr/pkg/etc/sysmond.conf 

cp sysmon.conf sysmond.conf.dist 

vi sysmond.conf 

or FreeBSD, 

cd /usr/local/etc/ 

cp sysmon.conf.sample sysmon.conf 

chmod u+w sysmon.conf 

cd /etc 

ln -s /usr/local/etc/sysmon.conf 

vi sysmond.conf 

like e.g., 

root = "gw"; 

config statusfile html "/data/sysmon.html"; 


object gw { 

ip "gw.example.local"; 

type ping; 

desc "gw"; 

contact "user@example"; 



object host { 

ip "host.example.local"; 

type ping; 

desc "lilith"; 

dep "gw"; 

contact "user@example"; 



object smtp-example { 

ip ""; 

type smtp; 

dep "gw"; 

desc "smtp-example"; 

contact "user@example"; 



Test the configuration, 

  sysmond -t 

try to start the shit once without forking it to the background, 

  sysmond -d 


Ready to go 

Start the daemon, 


note. how nice! You can use the HUP signal to reload the configuration file. At last, a real daemon! 

add it to the boot process on NetBSD, 

  cd /etc/ 

  vi rc.local 

  /usr/pkg/bin/sysmond && echo -n \ sysmond 

on FreeeBSD, 

echo -n starting sysmond... 

/usr/local/bin/sysmond && echo done 

and watch the monitoring interface directly, 

  sysmon localhost 


To reload the configuration, 

  pkill -HUP sysmond