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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Firefox 3.6 configuration
I know it's old, but heh, I'm used to it. Check the security issues.
Version 3.6.28 EN:
Version 3.6.28 FR:
Basic configuration
Setup the home page and download folder. And disable updates otherwise you'll automaticly get the latest Firefox version),
Tools > Options...
General / home page: ...
General / save files to: Desktop
General / close it when all downloads are finished
Advanced / Updates tab: disable everything
Tweak a few things,
Install adobe flash player and eventually add a few add-ons,
Tools > Add-ons
Adblock Lite v1.4.2      
Download Statusbar v0.9.10  (defaults are fine)
LastPass (currently 3.1.1 still works)  (mail/pass, then eventually remember password, uncheck "show my lastpass vault" and check - disable the built-in Firefox password manager while you are at it)
Quick Locale Switcher v1.7.8  (normal-click > options ; Locales > uncheck everything but the locales you actually need)
Xmarks v3.7.8 or v3.9.10    (login/pass, then discard data on this computer unless this isn't a brand new software installation)
Now disable some shitty plug-ins,
Tools > Add-ons
Plugins tab (just keep Adobe, Flash and eventually Java)
Note. you can disable the Mozilla Default Plug-in as long you're pretty sure you don't want any more plug-ins.
Eventually add some search engine shortcuts e.g.,
  AlloCiné (
The Pirate Bay provided on-site
Additional notes
You might also want to mess with the url bar behaviour,
# browser.urlbar.default.behavior;32 ==> check Options Privacy / location bar (to restrict autocomplete results to typed items)
# nothing to do: browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled;false
# nothing to do: browser.urlbar.matchBehavior;3
Another interesting add-on,
Adblock Plus    (the default list get's selected for you)
(Foxclocks)    (right click on the status bar and configure the world clocks)
Note. There is also "Tab Control" to open tabs just next to the current one with Ctrl-T, better than Ctrl-Tab and LastTab.
About the infamous unwanted plugin check issue, the best workaround I found for now is to searcg abd replace 'severity="0" by 'severity="1"' into %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\profiles\ ...blocklist.xml.
Or you can simply delete and create a profile (start with -profilemanager) to start from scratch, maybe the plugin check issue is a a side effect of upgrading/downgrading firefox.
Some basic keyboard bindings,
Ctrl-T    open a new tab
Ctrl-W    close a tab
Alt-Home  home
Ctrl-D    bookmark
Ctrl-B    manage bookmarks
Ctrl-H    show/hide history
Ctrl-Alt-Suppr  clean-up browser's cache

(obsolete, see the new doc)