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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Firefox 1.5 configuration
Configure the general options,
Tools > Options
General / home page: <your prefered home page>
Tabs / force links that open new windows to open in: a new tab
Downloads / close the download manager
Advanced / General / Edit Languages
select language to add: French (fr) -- Add
select language to add: French/France (fr-fr) -- Add
Advanced / Update / uncheck firefox
Advanced / Update / uncheck installed extensions and themes
Advanced / Update / uncheck search engines
Firefox 1.5 extensions
- Adblock Plus (
- Download Statusbar (
- Speak It (,
Ctrl-Alt-V to speech selected text
Ctrl-Alt-B to speech all page
Ctrl-Alt-C to pause/resume
Ctrl-Alt-E to stop
- Tabs Open Relative (
Next Tab (
Note. other old extensions
- SwitchProxy Tool
- QuickProxy
- ProxyTex
Make Firefox 1.5 and Firefox 3 live togeather
Here's the procedure:
- install FF1 into "c:\program files\Mozilla FF1" (with developer tools)
- install FF3 into "c:\program files\Mozilla FF3"
- here are some sample batch scripts:
- execute FF1_manager.bat,
create an 'FF1' profile and quit
- execute FF3_manager.bat,
create an 'FF3' profile and quit
Note. always use HTML as bookmark export/import format (FF1 only supports HTML)
Additional notes
Eventually prevent the url storm in the address bar,
browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped : true

(obsolete, see the new doc)