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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Windows maintainance
To clean up,
- Delete c:\windows\memory.dmp
- Delete c:\windows\$*
- Empty c:\temp
- Empty IE's cache & cookies
Make sure you have those at hand, just in case :
- NT password cracker
- Ultimate boot CD
- System rescue cd : (
- Gentoo install CD
When you delete a system, you may need to backup those :
- My Documents
- Firefox bookmarks
- Firefox saved passwords
- appdata/thunderbird (emails, addressbook, configuration and bayesian word lists)
(-) Miranda IM Received Files
(-) appdata/utorrent & utorrent temp files
(-) PuTTY bookmarks
(-) Filezilla site manager passwords
(-) c:\tp
(-) c:\cygwin\home\username
(-) d:\vmware
(-) d:\...
To reboot from the command line,
shutdown -t 0 -r
To disable the PC speaker,
Device Manager
View > Show hidden devices
Non-Plug and Play Drivers > Beep Properties
Driver tab
Status : Stop
Type : Disabled
Unattended :
nLite :
Winbuilder :
VistaPE :
Network configuration
First, rename your network interfaces for example,
Static IP and DNS,
netsh interface ip set address "NIC1" static 1
netsh interface ip set dns "NIC1" static primary
Dynamic IP and DNS,
netsh interface ip set address "NIC1" dhcp
netsh interface ip set dns "NIC1" dhcp
Note. without gateway,
#netsh interface ip set address "NIC1" static none
Note. define only the gateway,
#netsh interface ip set address "NIC1" gateway= gw=1
Network commands
Check for network and name resolution,
ping -a
Note. '-t' to ping forever
Empty DNS cashe,
ipconfig /flush
Print the routing table,
route print
delete a route,
route delete
add a route,
route (-p) add mask GW_IP
route (-p) add mask GW_IP
note. '-p' to make it permanent even after reboot
note. is the destination network
note. eventually add "metric 40" after
Hardware specifics
To install Windows on an HP Proliant L3XX or DL5XX, use HP Smartstart boot CD, select the OS. It then asks for the Windows installation CDs. Otherwise, if Windows is already installed with lots of drivers missing, use the PSP (Proliant Support Pack) from the same Smarstart CD or get them from HP's website.
On recent IBM laptops, enable the hotkeys with "FN Incrustation" (
List of the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Windows XP :
Environment Variables in Windows XP :

(obsolete, see the new doc)