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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Automated/unattended installation for Windows drivers and applications
Batch file example
Just create a batch file in the same folder that contains the install executables e.g.,
cd %~dp0
call filezilla2232.bat
call MediaInfo_GUI_0.7.61_Windows.bat
call PDFCreator-1_6_0_setup.bat
call piriform.bat
call reader7.bat
call vlc-2.0.2-win32.bat
call WinMerge-2.12.4-Setup.bat
call XnView-win-small.bat
Note. '%~dp0' points to the current batch file's directory, permitting you to launch it from anywhere
And in e.g. filezilla*.bat,
cd %~dp0
filezilla2232.exe /S
Note. If you plan to install .NET framework on XP, make sure you've got the SP3.
Other applications and versions
Find the right command line arguments for other apps:
Third-parity drivers installation
Instead of using $OEM$\$1\drivers we just use the silent installshield feature from the packages. For example for an Asus Eeebox B202,
cd %~dp0
ACPI_V104321537\AsusSetup.exe -s
Audio\setup -s
AW-NE766_V1150\setup -s
chipset_xp_V9111020\setup -s
DisplayV614104885\setup -s
LANV56861032008\setup -s
Automated/unattended Microsoft Office 2000 installation and update
Preparing the shit
Install the Office 2000 Resource Kit Core Tool Set. Launch the "Custom Installation Wizard" to create an MST file.
At step 2, choose,
At step 7, left click / install all on (sorry, french version here),
Microsoft word pour windows
Microsoft excel pour windows
Microsoft powerpoint pour windows
Outils office > Prise en charge des paramètres régionaux (ALL OF IT)
Outils office > Outil paramètres linguistiques
Outils office > Outils de vérification
Outils office > Outils de vérification (allemand)
Outils office > Outils de vérification (anglais)
Outils office > Outils de vérification (arabe)
Outils office > Macro complémentaire scanner et appareil-photo
At step 15,
do not install IE 5 (assuming you've got IE already installed, it needs IE 4 or superior)
Ref. Editer ou modifier des fichiers:
Using it
You can now install Office 2000 silently with that command line,
cd %~dp0
"c:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe" x "O9PROCD01.rar"
rem double quotes around transforms
rem no backslash needed after ~dp0
cd "O9PROCD01\"
install.exe TRANSFORMS="%~dp0custom2.MST" /qb
Note. Change 'install.exe' to 'setup.exe' if using an english version of MS Office (French version here)
Note. You can edit the MST with the wizard.
Note. to uninstall silently,
start /wait install.exe /wait /x
Note. /qb or /qn+
The SR-1 update (language specific) needs to be installed first, then the SP3 (language specific too). SR-1 is no longer supported hence not available anymore. Try Google. However the SP3 is still available from Microsoft.
Execute SR-1 package to extract its content,
then go into the folder and proceed silently,
install /qb
Note. or /qn
Install the SP3 silently,
start /wait O2kSp3.exe /q
Nevermind the post-installation message (sorry, french version here),
  "a été installé dans le cadre d'une misée à jour séparée ou dans le cadre d'une autre mise à jour"
Then and only then, you can remove the Office 2000 installation folder.

(obsolete, see the new doc)