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Those documents are obsolete, please use the Nethence Documentation instead.


Filezilla server configuration
We usually use UNIX ftp daemons but sometimes it's nice to have one on a Windows workstations, for example when you need to upload some stuff from a live/install cdrom or memstick.
During installation, choose,
install as service, started manually
note the admin interface port (default: 14147)
check "start server after setup completes"
Once installed, connect to the admin interface w/o password and setup a password,
Edit > Settings
admin interface settings / change password : xxxxxx (at least 6 chars)
Add some shared folder and user,
Edit > Users
shared folders / users / add
username / none
shared folders / shared folders / add
d: tpshare
shared folders / shared folders / check/uncheck file and directory permissions accordingly
setup a password for the 'username' account,
general / check password
general / password: xxxx

Last update: Oct 22, 2011