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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


MPEG2 to Xvid encoding with VirtualDub
I started to convert DVDs to DivX at the times of FlaskMPEG and Mpeg2avi. In other words, I started when the history of DivX itself was starting. Mpeg2avi was the very fastest because it was using YUV instead of RGB, if I remember correctly. I was also using Graphedit to extract the sound and mix it back together with the video using VirtualDub. And I used to handle the subtitles with Vobsub which resulted in possibly multilingual versions in Window Media Player. It was better than the painful .srt method, although BSPlayer had a simplier and nicer layout than WMP at the time. Today I recommend Media Player Classic (not necessarily the Home Cinema fork) and of course, VLC (which is mainly a software from France).
First, rip your DVD with DVD Decrypter ( or SmartRipper for that. vStrip is supposed to be the best ripper but let's not be too perfectionist at this stage. You get the same ripped VOBs in the end anyway. Copy or decrypt the needed VOBs to your disk, usually "VTS_02_{1,2,3,4}.VOB".
Identify the source
You need to check a few things first, against the input video. Fetch and install MediaInfo, I recommend using the tree layout and look for those informations:
- is the input video interlaced ? Most probably, if it's a DVD rip. Look for "Video / scan type".
- what width and height are used ? Usually 720x576.
- check the predefined Display aspect ratio, whether it's 4:3, 16:9 or 2,35:1
Use VLC to find out:
- which audio steam you want : what language and how many channels (2 is stereo, 6 is Dolby Digital or DTS)
- which is the right aspect ratio (the predefined one may not be right one)
I'm using VirtualDub 1.9.11 64-bits with fccHandler's MPEG2 and AC3 64-bits plugins ( AC3ACM is installed too. Make sure Xvid is installed.
Choose your audio stream,
Audio > Source audio > Stream X
Note. using direct stream copy (the default)
Compress the video using Xvid with the Advanced Simple method at level 5, and fix the aspect ratio according to the originating layout,
Video > Fast recompress
Video > Compression... (Ctrl-P)
Profile @ Level : MPEG4 ASP @ L5
Aspect Ratio tab > Display Aspect Ratio : (4:3, 16:9 or 2,35:1)
Note. I'm not sure I've got to add the deinterlace filter.
Let's proceed !
File > Save as avi...
XviD FAQ: Explanation of many advanced options of XviD codec (

(obsolete, see the new doc)