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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


MPEG2 manipulations
Re-author a DVD in brief
If you need to cut a part of an existing DVD :
- copy the VOB files to your hardrive
- join the VOBs into one single file with Join VOB Files tool 
- cut the parts you don't want with Mpg2Cut2 
- convert the MPEG2 file to DVD files with Cucusoft MPEG to DVD Author 
- create the IFOs with IfoEdit 
- burn the DVD-Video with Nero Burning ROM 
Join VOBs with VOBMerge or "Join VOB files Tool". 
Cut parts of an MPEG2 or VOB file you don't want with Mpg2Cut2. It's preferable to have the movie as one large VOB or MPG file as mpg2cut2 changes its inside format (may need to be fixed with PVAStrumento thereafter). 
Split a large VOB in seperate VOB files (1GB max for DVD-Video) with vStrip
Input tab > Add : movie.vob
Output tab > Output Name : path/to/VTS_01.VOB
Output tab > Split File Size (MB) : 1024
Note. _1, _2, ... suffixes will be appened automaticly
Note. in doubt, upcase .VOB are prefered for DVD-Movie
Note. when the ETA tab disapears, it means you're done.
Check the MPEG2 with Mediainfo
General / Format : MPEG-PS
Video / Format : MPEG Video
Video / Format version : Version 2
Audio / Format : AC-3
also verity it has correct indexing inside. Open the movie with "Windows Media Player" and try to go forward in the video.
Note. if it's a VOB file, you need to change the extention to .MPG for WMP to play it.
Note. it may work with VLC anyways, hence the check with WMP.
Make the PS with PVAStrumento
input stream : path/to/VTS_01_1.VOB
click on "make ps"
Packet Size: 2048 Bytes (PC, DVD)
Convert an MPEG2 file to VOBs with Cucusofrt DVD Author ( Note. the output goes to "CucusoftOutput" directory (and MPEGTmp) on the ouput drive you choose. 
Create the IFOs with IfoEdit
click on Create IFOs
Create 1 PGC only
Create Chapter for 1st Cell only of each PGC
1st VOB of Title-Set : path/to/VTS_01_1.VOB
once the process has finished define a language,
select the VIDEO_TS line
note. you will have to do the same for the VTS_01_0 line
below, double click on VTS_1 Audio 1 line,
Language : ...
Language type : present
save the changes,
Save (say yes to update .BUP alwell)
Burn the DVD-Video with Nero Burning ROM
New > DVD / DVD-Video
Note. Nero checks for the VOBs conformance.
Note. Nero checks for IFOs
Note. you may prefer to make a test image (Recorder > Choose recorder) before burning it to a DVD disk.
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(obsolete, see the new doc)