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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Setting up thunderbird-latest
- keyconfig --> Ctrl-R for Reply-to-all
- Remove Duplicate Messages
Note. To forward, use Ctrl-L
Setting up thunderbird v1.5
I prefer Thunderbird v1.5 more because:
- no dummy-proof configuration wizard, it still makes sense, and it is simpler at the end,
- it's lighter so you get better performance,
- the default theme shows all messages black on white, there are no twisted grayed lines.
Basic configuration
Fetch the v1 dictionaries you need ( and install them (right-click on web page’s links),
Tools > Extensions
Install ...
Global settings,
Tools > Options
General / make thunderbird the default application for: mail, news, rss feeds
General / uncheck "when thunderbird launches, show the start page in the message area"
Display / Formatting / uncheck "display emoticons as graphics"
Composition / General / forward messages: inline
Composition / Spelling / language: <choose you favorite language>
Privacy / General / uncheck "block loading of remote images in mail messages"
Advanced / Update / uncheck "thunderbird"
Advanced / Update / uncheck "installed extensions and themes"
Account settings (IMAP),
Tools > Account Settings
account / attach this signature : ...
account / outgoing server : use default server
account / server settings / check every : 5 minutes
account / server settings / clean up (expunge) inbox on exit
account / server settings / Advanced
uncheck "show only subscribed folders"
account / composition & addressing / uncheck "compose messages in HTML format"
account / composition & addressing / start my reply above the quote
account / composition & addressing / and place my signature below my reply (above the quote)
outgoing server (smtp) / Edit
(uncheck "use name and password")
TLS, if available
Junk settings,
Tools > junk mail controls
Handling / Move incoming messages determined to be junk mail to: Junk folder on ...
Handling / When I manually mark messages as junk: move them to the junk folder
Advanced configuration
Change the quoting style. Go into “%appdata%\Thunderbird\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\" and create the "user.js file" containing e.g.,
// Change the reply header
// 0 - No Reply-Text
// 1 - "[Author] wrote:"
// 2 - "On [date] [author] wrote:"
// 3 - User-defined reply header. Use the prefs below in conjuction with this:
user_pref("mailnews.reply_header_type", 3);
// If you set 3 for the pref above then you may set the following prefs.
user_pref("mailnews.reply_header_authorwrote", "Quoting %s");
user_pref("mailnews.reply_header_ondate", "%s");
user_pref("mailnews.reply_header_separator", " ");
user_pref("mailnews.reply_header_colon", ",");
// The end result will be [authorwrote][separator][ondate][colon]
Disable sigdashes
To disable "sigdashes" (dashes before your signature), go into "c:\program files\mozilla thunderbird\",
copy ‘thunderbird.exe’ to ‘thunderbird.exe.dist’,
open ‘thunderbird.exe’ with a HEX editor (for example UltraEdit),
search for the line ‘moz-signature’ (select "search ASCII"),
look at the line above and change the HEX values (fields 2 and 3) for two dashes to "00" "00".
Note. With Thunderbird version 2 it seems to be possible with the advanced configuration editor,
Note. With Thunderbird version 3 the feature is supposedly included in the basic configuration menus.
Change the accounts’ order
Change the order of how accounts are displayed. Go into "%appdata%\Thunderbird\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\" and edit the ‘pref.js’ file. Change those lines (note that account1 corresponds to "Local Folders") e.g.,
user_pref("mail.accountmanager.accounts", "account4,account5,account1,account2,account3");
user_pref("mail.accountmanager.defaultaccount", "account4");
Note. The "Folderpane Tools" add-on doesn’t work here with Thunderbird version 1.5. I tried v0.6.1 et v0.0.5.1.
Additional notes
To change the language of the UI, fetch the language XPI from, install it as a module and then go to,
general.useragent.locale : fr or en_US according to your needs
Ref. Changer la langue de Firefox et de Thunderbird:
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