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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Winamp 5 Lite + MAD + FFSoX + ASIO
Yep, Winamp is still a great player as long as you get it tuned up right. And it's our great change that NullSoft/AOL finally brought a litghter version of their 5th player which is now as lite and efficient as the mother freaking legacy version 2.95, which you could use too is you really want to, as long as all of the plugins mentioned in this guide also work with it.
You should also come around Windows's audio layer and use ASIO instead. Problem is, you won't be able to use Winamp's volume embedded control anymore. Also your sound card may not support it, in which case you're stuck with ASIO4ALL. For USB Audio DACs there is AQVOX ASIO but it is unfortunately not available for free.
Fetch the latest Lite version from NullSoft and install it,
uncheck “Video Files”
and check "Launch Winamp for Audio CDs" and keep the defaults
on next step eventually disable anonymous usage statistics
when finished, do not start Winamp. Go into the Plugins/ folder and remove everything but the CDDA (Audio CD) input plugin. You should now install:
- ASIO4ALL, unless your sound cards support ASIO already,
- the FFSox (FLAC;MKV;OGG;WAV;WEBM;WV) input plugin,
- the MAD (MP3) input plugin,
- and Otochan's ASIO output plugin.
It’s also time to put your preferred skin in place. It’s of course up to you which one you choose. I like
- FLSkin
- and the classic one which I converted to 256 gray scales with Paint Shop Pro.
You will see that theYou will have to select the right output device in ASIO4ALL's panel (look at your system tray) when trying to play some music. If you want to keep the embedded volume control in Winamp, just don't install ASIO4ALL and keep it up for the rest.
Start and configure Winamp,
General preferences > Internet connection settings / Not connected to the internet
General preferences > uncheck “Check for new versions of Winamp at startup”
General preferences > File types > click on “All” or “Audio Only” (which should be approximately the same since we’ve removed undeeded input plugins)
General preferences > File types > Launch Winamp for Audio CDs
General preferences > File types > Show Winamp actions in context menu...
General preferences > File types > Playlist Icon / choose the second one to differencitate it from the media files
Verify that your newly added input and output plugins are there,
Plug-ins > Input
Plug-ins > Output
# This is not required anymore -- probably since FFSoX version 2 (0.2.x).
#Configure the FFSoX input plugin (otherwise you won’t be able to seek while playing a song!),
#  Plug-ins > Input > FFSoX > Force seek
Configure the ASIO output plugin,
Plug-ins > ASIO output > Gapless
Plug-ins > ASIO output > Resampling / Enable
Plug-ins > ASIO output > Resampling / Sample Rate: (what your DAC or sound card supports -- 41.1kHz always works and is the most commonly used standard)
Note. Although it is not recommended by the audio freaks, I am enabling resampling because some source files are encoded 96kHz and those don't fit with my USB DAC.
General purporse plugins
Install and configure AlbumList (,
Media tab
Directories to search / Add... (not the whole collection, use various profiles for large music repositories, otherwise it's too much to handle for this little buggy plugin)
File types to search / add "FLAC, OGG, APE"
Ignore playlists
Cover tab
check "Cache covers"
Note. for a folder containing CD images, you might like to remove all file types and put "CUE" instead. You will need yet another plugin to make CUE files work just as playlists within Winamp.
now that the list is loading,
Right-click on the background of the albumlist window > View > Cover
Right-click on the background of the albumlist window > View > Show label
Right-click on the background of the albumlist window > Sort by > Path
Previous song,
Next song,
The history of Winamp!:
Winamp 5.5 released:
Plugins collection for Winamp 5.6, Compatible with Windows 7 unless stated:
WinAmp v5.3 SHIT:
Using cue files:

(obsolete, see the new doc)