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Wordpress configuration
Get your prefered language Wordpress ( and deploy it to your vhost dir,
mv wordpress /home/www/
fix the perms,
cd /home/www
chown -R nobody:nobody
chown -R apache:wheel
chmod 775
chmod 775
note. when you send some plugins to wp-content/plugins as wheeled user, fix the perms thereafter, to let apache edit the file through the Wordpress interface,
chown -R apache:wheel
Configure the Apache vhost,
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /home/www/
CustomLog /var/log/httpd/example_access.log combined
ErrorLog /var/log/httpd/example_errors.log
<Directory "/home/www/">
AllowOverride All
Connect to MySQL,
mysql -uroot -p
create a database
create database example;
create a user and give it some privileges against that database,
create user USERNAME identified by 'PASSWORD';
grant all on example to USERNAME;
Deploy the Wordpress database into MySQL,
http: //
copy/paste the configuration to,
cd /home/www/
I'm not sure the mbstring package is needed for wordpress. Just in case here's how to get it on redhat,
yum install php-mbstring
To activate Permalinks, add this to your Apache vhost configuration,
<Directory "/path/to/">
  AllowOverride All
and configure this permalink in Settings,
Wordpress > Settings > Permalinks
Custom : /%postname%/
then copy/paste to .htaccess manually
note. older Wordpress versions just needed this,
Wordpress > Settings > Permalinks
Custom : /
(FR) Réglages > Général > Slogan : ...
(FR) Réglages > Ecriture > Taille de saisie : 25 lignes
(FR) Réglages > Ecriture > Décocher emoticones
(FR) Réglages > Ecriture > valid XHTML
(FR) Réglages > Lecture > Une page statique : ...
(FR) Réglages > Lecture > pages affichent 25
(FR) Réglages > Lecture > syndication dernier 25
(FR) Réglages > Permaliens > Personalisé : /%postname%/
(FR) Réglages > Discussion > Réglages par défaut des articles : tout décocher
(FR) Réglages > Discussion > Réglages par défaut des articles : tout décocher
Note. about the static page, older Wordpress versions needed the sem-static-front plugin
Update procedure
- Delete "wp-content/" and "wp-admin/"
- Extract the last zip archive available and overwite the old files with it
- Point your browser to "/wp-admin/upgrade.php"
- Reapply your prefered file permissions
- Check everything works fine
We're assuming user quotas are needed, hence using group writes to enable Apache modifications. If the .htaccess file exists,
chown USERNAME:apache website/.htaccess
secure the folders,
chown -R USERNAME:nobody website/
chown -R USERNAME:apache website/wp-content/themes
chown -R USERNAME:apache website/wp-content/uploads
chmod -R g+w website/wp-content/themes
chmod -R g+w website/wp-content/uploads
Note. Wordpress defaults may be changed into wp-config.php,
Editing wp-config.php
Get a new key
- Auto-hyperlink URLs
- sitemap generator + options
- insert PHP
- Raw HTML (, Insert HTML or EmbedIt
note. yes that's needed : the default editor, even in HTML mode, still adds <br> and removes tags
note. a possible workaround
- button to insert youtube video
- 24 plugins
Wordpress and PHPlist
plugin wordpress
La liste des plugins Wordpress utilisés sur le Journal du Blog
Free Wordpress hosting
Domain Registration and Mapping
WordPress en français
WordPress francophone

Last update: Jan 30, 2014