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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Wordpress configuration
Get your prefered language Wordpress ( and deploy it to your vhost dir,
mv wordpress /home/www/
fix the perms,
cd /home/www
chown -R nobody:nobody
chown -R apache:wheel
chmod 775
chmod 775
note. when you send some plugins to wp-content/plugins as wheeled user, fix the perms thereafter, to let apache edit the file through the Wordpress interface,
chown -R apache:wheel
Configure the Apache vhost,
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /home/www/
CustomLog /var/log/httpd/example_access.log combined
ErrorLog /var/log/httpd/example_errors.log
<Directory "/home/www/">
AllowOverride All
Connect to MySQL,
mysql -uroot -p
create a database
create database example;
create a user and give it some privileges against that database,
create user USERNAME identified by 'PASSWORD';
grant all on example to USERNAME;
Deploy the Wordpress database into MySQL,
http: //
copy/paste the configuration to,
cd /home/www/
I'm not sure the mbstring package is needed for wordpress. Just in case here's how to get it on redhat,
yum install php-mbstring
To activate Permalinks, add this to your Apache vhost configuration,
<Directory "/path/to/">
  AllowOverride All
and configure this permalink in Settings,
Wordpress > Settings > Permalinks
Custom : /%postname%/
then copy/paste to .htaccess manually
note. older Wordpress versions just needed this,
Wordpress > Settings > Permalinks
Custom : /
  (FR) Réglages > Général > Slogan : ...
  (FR) Réglages > Ecriture > Taille de saisie : 25 lignes
  (FR) Réglages > Ecriture > Décocher emoticones
  (FR) Réglages > Ecriture > valid XHTML
  (FR) Réglages > Lecture > Une page statique : ...
  (FR) Réglages > Lecture > pages affichent 25
  (FR) Réglages > Lecture > syndication dernier 25
  (FR) Réglages > Permaliens > Personalisé : /%postname%/
  (FR) Réglages > Discussion > Réglages par défaut des articles : tout décocher
  (FR) Réglages > Discussion > Réglages par défaut des articles : tout décocher
Note. about the static page, older Wordpress versions needed the sem-static-front plugin (
Update procedure
- Delete "wp-content/" and "wp-admin/"
- Extract the last zip archive available and overwite the old files with it
- Point your browser to "/wp-admin/upgrade.php"
- Reapply your prefered file permissions
- Check everything works fine
We're assuming user quotas are needed, hence using group writes to enable Apache modifications. If the .htaccess file exists,
chown USERNAME:apache website/.htaccess
secure the folders,
chown -R USERNAME:nobody website/
chown -R USERNAME:apache website/wp-content/themes
chown -R USERNAME:apache website/wp-content/uploads
chmod -R g+w website/wp-content/themes
chmod -R g+w website/wp-content/uploads
Note. Wordpress defaults may be changed into wp-config.php,
Editing wp-config.php :
Get a new key :
- Auto-hyperlink URLs (
- sitemap generator + options
- insert PHP
- Raw HTML (, Insert HTML or EmbedIt
note. yes that's needed : the default editor, even in HTML mode, still adds <br> and removes tags
note. a possible workaround :
- button to insert youtube video
- 24 plugins :
Wordpress and PHPlist :
plugin wordpress :
La liste des plugins Wordpress utilisés sur le Journal du Blog :
Free Wordpress hosting :
Domain Registration and Mapping :
WordPress en français :
WordPress francophone :

(obsolete, see the new doc)