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CalDAV with Radicale
We're using NetBSD in this guide.
Make sure you've got python >=2.5 and apache (for htpasswd),
pkg_info | grep python
pkg_info | grep apache
Fix the path,
cd /usr/bin
ln -s /usr/pkg/bin/python2.6 python
Get Radicale and proceed,
tar xzf Radicale-0.4.tar.gz
cd Radicale-0.4
./ build
./ install
Configure a few things, e.g. enable authentication,
cd /etc
mkdir -p radicale
cd radicale
cat > config <<EOF9
host =
daemon = True
port = 80
ssl = False

request = utf-8
stock = utf-8

type = fake

folder = ~/.config/radicale/calendars
Note. to enable ACLs,
type = htpasswd
personal = True
filename = /etc/radicale/users
encryption = crypt
Note. to enable SSL,
port = 443
ssl = True
certificate = /etc/openssl/server.crt
key = /etc/openssl/server.key
Ready to go
Launch the Python daemon and check on which port it is listening,
cd ~/
radicale -d --no-ssl
netstat -an -f inet
Enable at boot time,
vi /etc/rc.local
echo -n starting Radicale...
/usr/pkg/bin/radicale -d --no-ssl && echo done
Eventually deploy this little script to restart the daemon when needed (after configuration changes),
cd ~/
mkdir -p bin
cd bin
cat > restart_radicale.ksh <<EOF9
ps ax | grep radicale | grep -Ev 'restart|grep'
kill `ps ax | grep radicale | grep -Ev 'restart|grep' | awk '{print $1}'`
radicale -d --no-ssl
sleep 1
ps ax | grep radicale | grep -Ev 'restart|grep'
chmod +x restart_radicale.ksh
If using ACLs, create/modify a user's password (add -c if file doesn't exist),
cd /etc/radicale
#htpasswd -c users USERNAME
htpasswd users USERNAME
You can now connect with e.g. Sunbird to the CalDAV service,
http: //bsd/USERNAME/calendar/
#https: //bsd:443/USERNAME/calendar/
Note. default port is 5232 but we configured Radicale to spit on port 80

Last update: Oct 28, 2010