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Twm configuration 




Copy the default config to your homedir and edit, 

cp /path/to/system.twmrc ~/.twmrc
cp .twmrc .twmrc.dist
chmod 644 .twmrc
vi .twmrc

add those lines at the top, 

BorderWidth 0
AutoRaise { "XTerm" }

add/change those lines for window resizing with (Alt + left/middle/right click), 

Button1 = m : window|icon : f.move
Button2 = m : window|icon : f.iconify
Button3 = m : window|icon : f.resize

remove entries from the menu and fix the xterm call, 

rxvt -geometry 80x50

change from green to e.g. dark purple. replace occurences of "rgb:2/a/9" by, 


Purples : 




Xorg 6.8.0 twm manual : 

XFree86 4.4.0 twm manual :