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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


XEN -- Hybrid network configuration
Let's say we need both, routing AND bridging.
Create a custom wrapper,
cd /etc/xen/scripts/
vi network-custom
fdummy0_start() {
print enabling dummy0...
modprobe dummy
ifconfig dummy0 up
brctl addbr dummybr0
brctl addif dummybr0 dummy0
fdummy0_stop() {
print disabling dummy0...
brctl delif dummybr0 dummy0
brctl delbr dummybr0
ifconfig dummy0 down
rmmod dummy
[[ $1 = start ]] && fdummy0_start
[[ $1 = stop ]] && fdummy0_stop
${0%/*}/network-route $@ netdev=eth0
enable it,
chmod +x network-custom
Specify which vif-script to use into guest's configuration, for example,
vif = [ 'vifname=vbsd64.0,script=vif-route,ip=XX.XX.XX.XX',\
'vifname=vbsd64.1,script=vif-bridge,bridge=dummybr0' ]

(obsolete, see the new doc)