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Those documents are obsolete, please use the Nethence Documentation instead.


Maintaining Ubuntu workstations
See for anything that's common with Debian.
Basic system
Check the release version,
lsb_release -a
Proceed with a minor upgrade,
apt update
apt-get full-upgrade
Proceed with a major upgrade,
Note. add -d to proceed even for development / alpha / beta releases
Desktop Environment
Reinstall the desktop environment,
apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop
#apt-get install --reinstall unity
Eventually disable the firewall and check,
#ufw disable
#iptables -L -n
Disable graphical login on ubuntu server 12 LTS,
service lxdm stop
update-rc.d -f lxdm remove
Disable graphical login on ubuntu 14 LTS,
service lightdm stop
update-rc.d -f lightdm remove
Disable graphical login on Ubuntu 15,
systemctl stop lightdm
systemctl disable lightdm

Last update: Apr 01, 2016