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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Configuring the two serial ports on HP/UX 11i (HP-9000 workstations)
I've got several HP Visualize workstations and I need to access them by console in case of system or network failures. Each box has two serial ports, tty0p0 (the first one) and tty1p0 (the second one). So the first will be listening for a console connection with Getty and the second one will eventually be used to access other boxes.
Checking and configuring the hardware
Look for avaiable serial ports,
ioscan -fnkC tty
ioscan -fnkC tty | grep '/dev' | awk '{print $NF}'
lssf /dev/tty0p0
lssf /dev/tty1p0
Note. Here are other possible commands to troubleshoot this,
#ioscan -fnd asio0
#ioscan -fnd mux4
Configure your local serial ports,
cd /etc/uucp/
mv -i Devices Devices.dist
vi Devices
Direct tty0p0 - 9600 direct
Direct tty1p0 - 9600 direct
fix and check the file permissions,
chown root:bin Devices
chmod 644 Devices
ls -l Devices*
Using the terminal emulator
Simply use 'cu' terminal emulator against a serial port to connect to another box,
cu -s9600 -l/dev/tty1p0
Note. to disconnect,
Configuring the target box
Check for running getty processes,
ps -ef | grep tty
normaly the console spits on '/dev/tty0p0' by default, but if it doesn't, force a tty on that (first) serial port,
cd /etc/
cp -i inittab inittab.dist
vi inittab
verify or add that line,
ttp0:234:respawn:/usr/sbin/getty -h tty0p0 9600
note. You could also enable ttp1 if you want, but as I said in the introduction I am using the second port to connect to other boxes.
fix and check the file permissions,
ls -l inittab*
(root:sys 644 by default is just fine)

(obsolete, see the new doc)