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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


HP/UX Linux porting kit installation
Get those files from CD1 and CD2,
CD1/ libhplx.depot (libhplx Linux-compatible API library)
CD1/ Linux_11i_c.tar (SD depot format for Linux Software Transition Kit)
CD1/ STKL1111tools.depot (tools package from the Linux Software Transition Kit)
CD2/ bin.depot (binaries)
CD2/ src.depot (sources)
CD2/ hp.depot (HP dev support)
View available bundles,
swlist -s /var/tmp/libhplx.depot
swlist -s /var/tmp/Linux_11i_c.tar
swlist -s /var/tmp/STKL1111tools.bin
swlist -s /var/tmp/bin.depot | more
swlist -s /var/tmp/src.depot | more
swlist -s /var/tmp/hp.depot
install the bundles,
swinstall -s /var/tmp/libhplx.depot HPLX
swinstall -s /var/tmp/Linux_11i_c.tar B4580AL
swinstall -s /var/tmp/STKL1111tools.bin STKL
swinstall -s /var/tmp/bin.depot \*
#swinstall -s /var/tmp/src.depot \*
swinstall -s /var/tmp/hp.depot \*
swlist | egrep 'HPLX|4580|STKL|bash|gcc'
Switch to bash,
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin
echo '/usr/local/bin/bash' >> /etc/shells
chsh root /usr/local/bin/bash
Note. new path at last, we still use HP/UX commands first (tar, ...)
Create a dedicated homedir for root user,
cd /home
mkdir -p root
change root's homedir to,
Make the Bash profile,
cd /home/root
vi .profile
export PATH
PS1='${HOSTNAME%%.*}# '
alias ll='ls -alF'
Note. new path at last, we still use HP/UX commands first (tar, ...)

(obsolete, see the new doc)