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MBR & boot floppies 


Initialize MBR 

The Unix equivalent for the DOS "fdisk /mbr" is, 

  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/DEV bs=446 count=1 

and in case you’re willing to remove the whole partition table with it, 

  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/DEV bs=512 count=1 

Note. if may be useful to include this trick to backup the MBR and partition table. 


On netbsd, the /mbr equilavent is, 

  fdisk -i wd0 


Otherwise there’s: 

- [MS-SYS]( 

- lilo 


To fdisk /mbr from Linux, simply, 

  lilo -M /dev/sda 


Build a bootable DOS floppy 

To make a DOS bootable floppy on DOS, 

  format a: /s  

and on UNIX, 

  fdformat /dev/fd0u1680 

  mformat a: 

  ms-sys -w /dev/fd0 

  mcopy /dosc/io.sys a: 

  mcopy /dosc/msdos.sys a: 

  mcopy /dosc/ a: