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Happy happy crontab configuration 



I don't like the /etc/cron.d/ modularity shit, same for logrotate versus newsyslog, by the way. Let's use the good old legacy configuration, while making the scripts available to the shell environment. 



On Slackware Linux or Redhat systems, make a backup of the default cron tabs, 

crontab -l > .trash.crontab.default


This works just great on Redhat systems, and on Slackware Linux, just append the following to the existing cron tabs, 

crontab -e

like e.g., 

CONTENT_TYPE="text/plain; charset=utf-8"


0 3 * * * for cron in /root/bin/cron.*; do $cron; print ''; done 

Note. The SHELL variable doesn't work on Slackware64 13.1 (dcron-4.4). So remove it and change 'print' to 'echo'. 

Note. No variable is defined inside cron by default, cannot use HOME=$HOME. Cannot even use $HOME within the PATH variable (on Redhat systems). 

Note. Change the time, date and scripts path accordingly.