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Installing rTorrent on Slackware 13.37
Make sure 'curl' is installed,
slackpkg search curl
Install libsigc++ from Slackbuilds (
I get segfaults when I start magnet links with Slackbuilds' 0.13.0/0.9.0 version. The latest version works fine. Fetch and compile rTorrent (,
tar xzf libtorrent-0.13.2.tar.gz
tar xzf rtorrent-0.9.2.tar.gz
cd libtorrent-0.13.2/
./configure && make && make install
cd ../rtorrent-0.9.2/
./configure && make && make install
Make sure '/usr/local/lib' is mentioned in '/etc/' and run,
As user, configure rTorrent. Setup a session folder (important not to loose your torrent list when you quit the application),
cd ~/
cp path/to/rtorrent-0.9.2/doc/rtorrent.rc .rtorrent.rc.dist
cp path/to/rtorrent-0.9.2/doc/rtorrent.rc .rtorrent.rc
vi .rtorrent.rc
max_uploads = 2
download_rate = 800
upload_rate = 20

directory = ./
session = ./session
schedule = low_diskspace,5,60,close_low_diskspace=100M
port_range = 6890-6999
check_hash = yes
#use_udp_trackers = yes
dht_port = 6881
peer_exchange = yes

encoding_list = UTF-8
system.method.set_key =,move_complete,"execute=mv,-u,$d.get_base_path=,~/torrent/done/;d.set_directory=~/torrent/done/"
Note. change your upload/download rates (first three lines) accordingly.
Note. I also had to enable UTF8 to see internationalized titles in the list.
Note. moves finished download to '~/torrent/done/'.
Go to the download folder and launch rTorrent,
cd ~/
mkdir -p torrent/session/
mkdir -p torrent/done/
cd torrent/
Here's a reminder of the most basic commands,
ENTER    Copy/paste a magnet link or a torrent filename ==> adds the torrent to the list
^S    Start the torrent
BACKSPACE  Copy/paste a magnet link or a torrent filename ==> starts the torrent
^D ^D    Stop and remove a torrent
^K    Stop and close a torrent
->    See torrent's details
<-    Back to the torrent list
^Q    Quit
Change priorities,
+ / - on a torrent      Prioritize a torrent
SPACE on a filename (file list)  Prioritize a file

Last update: Jun 25, 2012