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Self made monitoring
Create a user account on the target server,
useradd -m monitor
passwd monitor
Make it possible to connect throught SSH without password to that server, from a monitoring server.
Each night on a monitoring server, add this script to crontab,
# no set -e, proceed anyways

[[ ! -x `whence wc 2>/dev/null` ]] && print "wc executable not found" && \
exit 1

[[ $tmp = "Mail queue is empty." ]] || print "$tmp"
unset tmp

tmp=`pgrep postoffice`
tmpwcl=`echo "$tmp" | wc -l`
(( tmpwcl == 2 )) || print "$tmp"
unset tmp tmpwcl

find /var/spool/virtual | grep .lock$

tmp=`pgrep vm-pop3d`
tmpwcl=`echo "$tmp" | wc -l`
(( tmpwcl == 3 )) || print "$tmp"
unset tmp tmpwcl

Last update: Mar 08, 2009