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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Configuring an iSCSI target on RHEL5/6
The IET iSCSI target software is available with Redhat since RHEL release 5 update 3.
Make sure those packages are installed,
rpm -q scsi-target-utils sg3_utils
Note. 'sg3-utils' is needed in case you want to share a whole disk with 'direct-store'.
Start and enable the daemon at boot time,
service tgtd start
chkconfig tgtd on
Make sure you've got a LV or an disk to share,
fdisk -cul | grep ^Disk
and configure a target against it and apply,
  cd /etc/tgt/
  mv targets.conf targets.conf.dist
sed -e '
' targets.conf.dist > targets.conf
cat >> targets.conf <<EOF9
<target iqn.2012-12.local.example:SERVER_NAME.target1>
#direct-store /dev/sdb
backing-store /dev/sdb
write-cache on
service tgtd restart
Note. Change the month and year accordingly (optional).
Note the reverse domaine name (optional).
Note. Eventually change the comment after the colon (:).
Note. Only lowercase characters (MS Windows iSCSI initiator won't accept uppercase characters).
Note. Write cache is enabled by default.
24.2.2. iSCSI Target Setup (
Bug#565168: tgt should recommend sg3-utils (

(obsolete, see the new doc)