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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Setting up SpamProbe bayesian spam filtering on FreeBSD
Make sure it is installed,
pkg_info | grep spamprobe
Create a folder for SpamProbe to store it's Berkeley DB databases,
cd ~/
mkdir -p .spamprobe/
Setup your procmail Local Delivery Agent so it calls SpamProbe to filter incomming messages,
cd ~/
vi .procmailrc
at some point at the beginning of the rule sets, add,
# Invoke spamprobe
SCORE=| spamprobe train
:0 wf
| formail -I "X-SpamProbe: $SCORE"
:0 a:
*^X-SpamProbe: SPAM
Ready to go
Send a test email to the recipient while reading the procmail logs e.g.,
cd ~/
tail -F .procmailrc.log.2013
Learn, unlearn and long-term maintenance
Prepare a script to be executed nightly by the cron daemon,
mkdir -p ~/bin/
cd ~/bin/
cat > <EOF9
spamprobe remove $IMAPDIR/.remove/
spamprobe good $IMAPDIR/.nonspam/
spamprobe spam $IMAPDIR/.spam/
spamprobe train-spam $IMAPDIR/.spamprobe/
It's also good to proceed with some clean-ups of words that haven't been seen as spam in the last two weeks (first option, commented out) or even six monthes (hereby enabled).
Configure the cron tab for the mail user,
crontab -e
02 00 * * *
#03 00 * * * spamprobe cleanup 2 14
03 00 * * * spamprobe cleanup 1000 180 2 14
Welcome to SpamProbe - A Fast Bayesian Spam Filter:
SpamProbe v1.4 README:

(obsolete, see the new doc)