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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Dnsbl-milter on RHEL
note -- this is only necessary for postoffice smtp server, with Sendmail simply use the FEATURE dnsbl consecutively.
Note. DNSBL-milter requires sendmail-devel -- libmilter to compile.
On Redhat systems,
rpm -q sendmail-devel
Note. sendmail-milter is probably needed too
Add the milter group and user,
groupadd milter
useradd -M -s /sbin/nologin -g milter milter
grep ^milter /etc/group
grep ^milter /etc/passwd
Create the folder for the pid and the unix socket,
cd /var/run/
mkdir -p milter/
chown milter:milter milter/
chmod 700 milter/
I need the very latest version of dnsbl-milter ( to get that option,
-s Do not stamp messages with X-DNSBL-MILTER header
Version 1.2 doesn't has it and it is mandatory to work with the postoffice smtp server.
So I'm getting the development version through git (,
git clone git://
cd dnsbl-milter/
make install
cp init.d/dnsbl-milter /etc/init.d/
Note. if you don't have git already, you can get those packages from EPEL (,
Ready to go
Register, start and enable the daemon,
chkconfig --add dnsbl-milter
service dnsbl-milter restart
chkconfig dnsbl-milter on
Check that everything's fine,
ps aux | grep dnsbl
chkconfig --list | grep dnsbl-milter
ls -l /var/run/milter/
You can now configure your smtp daemon to use that unix socket as milter and reload/restart it.
For dnsbl-mitler to work with postoffice smtp server, and when using something else as 'spam=bounce' like for example 'spam=accept' or 'spam=folder:path', you'll have to disable the stamping of X-DNSBL-MILTER headers,
cd /etc/init.d/
vi dnsbl-milter
change (add '-s'),
DPARMS="-s --user milter --group milter --bind unix:$SOCKET"
This is a typical set of lines you should see in your logs, once this is up and running,
Jan 14 09:34:56 bsd dnsbl-milter[95552]: s0E8YtqU096676: [] [] is blacklisted on
Jan 14 09:34:56 bsd sm-mta[96676]: s0E8YtqU096676: Milter: from=<>, reject=550 5.7.1 Client address [] blocked. Listed on Barracuda Reputation Block List (BRBL). See
Jan 14 09:34:57 bsd sm-mta[96676]: s0E8YtqU096676: from=<>, size=0, class=0, nrcpts=0, proto=ESMTP, daemon=IPv4, relay=[]
dnsbl-milter - Sendmail DNSBL & DNSWL milter:

(obsolete, see the new doc)