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regex and sed examples 



Zero to one time low characters, 



One or more time low characters, 



Anything but a dash, 



Remove UNIX comments, 

  sed -e '
    /^ *#/d;
    /^  *#/d;

Note. with GNU sed you can use '[[:space:]] instead of the space and tab lines, 

sed '/^[::space::]*#/d; /^$/d;' httpd.conf.dist > httpd.conf


Remove PHP comments, 

sed '/\/\*/,/*\//d; /^\/\//d; /^$/d;'


To convert URLs to HTML links, 

s|http: //\([a-zA-Z0-9.\,:\/?\&=~%+_#-]*\)|<a href=\"http: //\1\">\1</a>|g; 

s|https: //\([a-zA-Z0-9.\,:\/?\&=~%+_#-]*\)|<a href=\"https: //\1\">\1</a>|g; 

s|ftp: //\([a-zA-Z0-9.\,:\/?=\&~%+_#-]*\)|<a href=\"ftp: //\1\">\1</a>|g; 


Print first line until "match" gets reached, 

sed -n '1,/match/p'

print from "match" until the end of file gets reached, 

sed -n '/match/,$p'


Print lines matching both match1 and match2 in the same line, 

sed -ne /match1/{/match2/p;}

print the lines machine either match1 or match2, 

grep -E 'match1|match2'