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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Irssi configuration
Note. You can change the configuration file manually even while Irssi is running,
Note. Either use GNU Screen or Detach to keep your IRC session alive.
Basic configuration example
Launch Irssi so you get the default configuration in place, then quit,
cd ~/
Save the default configuration and proceed,
cd .irssi/
cp config config.dist
vi config
Add your prefered IRC networks and server addresses at the top of the 'servers' section,
{ address = "";
chatnet = "IRCnet";
autoconnect = "yes"; },
{ address = "";
chatnet = "Freenode";
autoconnect = "yes"; },
{ address = "";
chatnet = "Online";
autoconnect = "no"; },
Note. old address for Dedibox was "".
Note. Otherwise within Irssi, e.g.,
/server add -auto -network Freenode
Configure specific features on IRC networks in the ‘chatnets’ section,
Freenode = { type = "IRC";
autosendcmd = "/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD_HERE; wait 2000"; };
Note. Otherwise within Irssi, e.g.,
/network add -autosendcmd "/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD_HERE; wait 2000" freenode
Automatically join some channels with ‘channels’ e.g.,
{ name = "#netbsd"; chatnet = "IRCnet"; autojoin = "yes"; },
{ name = "#slackware"; chatnet = "IRCnet"; autojoin = "yes"; },
Note. Otherwise within Irssi, e.g.,
/channel add -auto ##sed Freenode
Ready to go,
cp config config.1
cd ../
Setup your real name,
core = {
real_name = "Pierre-Philipp Braun (";
user_name = "elge";
nick = "elge";
Note. Otherwise within Irssi, e.g.,
Note. No quotes are necessary.
Setup an alternate nickname (just below "fe-text" setting),
"irc/core" = { alternate_nick = "elge9"; };
Note. Otherwise within Irssi, e.g.,
/set alternate_nick ALTERNATE_NICKNAME
Use an alternate completion character to name nicknames in the chat, use lowercase only and enable beeps,
"fe-common/core" = {
completion_char = ",";
completion_nicks_lowercase = "yes";
bell_beeps = "yes";
Note. Otherwise within Irssi, e.g.,
/set completion_char ,
/set completion_nicks_lowercase on
/set bell_beeps on
To connect to a server that’s already registered in the configuration, e.g.,
/connect Online
or to connect to another server,
/connect irc.server.address.or.ip
Clean up failing network connections,
Close a dead window,
/window close
Eventually deploy your preferred theme e.g. 'simpleii' here,
cd ~/.irssi/
and into irssi,
/set theme simpleii
Eventually configure the ‘identd’ service on your server (listening on port 113, tcp or udp?). Or send a ‘return-rst’ on that port with the firewall. This removes the ‘~’ in front of your IRC user name. I mean the user name accompanied by your hostname, not the nickname.

(obsolete, see the new doc)