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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Unix Documentation

Last changes

sysutils_bsd/netbsd-update Updating and upgrading NetBSD systems in production
sysutils_bsd/netbsd NetBSD post-installation and configuration
net/pxe PXE server with RHEL5,6,7
sysutils_xen/netbsd-xen-guests Setting up XEN guests on a NetBSD/XEN dom0
security/netfilter Setting up Netfilter
net/ntpd NTP daemon configuration
sysutils_linux/atomic_host Setting up RHEL / CentOS Atomic Host and a testing docker application
net/rsync Using rsync for backup
sysutils/clusterit_monitoring Turning NetBSD into the simplest but full-featured monitoring system ever
sysutils/clusterit Clusterit / Distributed Shell
net/named Setting up BIND v9
security/sshd OpenSSH configuration
sysutils_linux/debian Debian / Ubuntu Server notes
sysutils_sunos/solaris11 Solaris 11 post-installation
filesystems/zfs Playing with ZFS
sysutils_hpux/ Using the Management Processor on HP Integrity (Itanium64) systems
sysutils_xen/netbsd-xen-dom0 Setting up NetBSD/XEN hypervisor and dom0
sysutils_linux/redhat Setting up redhat RHEL 3,4,5,6,7
misc/screen GNU screen configuration
sysutils_linux/redhat_rhel6 RHEL6 post-installation

All articles

audio/cmus Installing and configuring the C* Music Player on Slackware 13.37
audio/music-player Hard Disk Music Player based with Slackware Linux
benchmarks/common Unix benchmarking
chat/irssi Irssi configuration
comms/impi Notes on IMPI
comms/voip VOIP links
converters/encoding File format encoding
databases/ldap_client LDAP client setup
databases/ldap-migrate Rebuilding an OpenLDAP server from scratch and migrating the database
databases/ldap_starttls Enabling LDAP SSL/TLS (self-signed)
databases/mysql Setting up MySQL
databases/openldap OpenLDAP configuration
databases/outer_joins Playing with multiple outer joins
databases/sql SQL notes & queries
devel/cvsd CVS server configuration with RHEL
devel/cvs CVS client usage and configuration
editors/vi The VIsual editor
emulators/centos6-wine Configuring Centos 6 for Wine
emulators/slackware_wine Turning Slackware into a Windows clone...
emulators/vmware_esx_recette_fr (in french) Binary file (standard input) matches
emulators/vmware_esx VMware ESX misc notes
emulators/vmware_esx_update_fr (in french) Binary file (standard input) matches
emulators/vmware_server_guests VMware server 1.x guests
emulators/vmware_server VMware server 1.x configuration
emulators/vmware_vcb_fr (in french) Configuration VCB (VMware Consolidated Backup)
emulators/vmware-vsphere-cli Setting up vSphere CLi 6.0 32-bit on RHEL6.7 32-bit
emulators/wine Wine configuration
filesystems/extundelete Undelete files from an ext3 or ext4 file system
filesystems/gfs2 Redhat GFS2 configuration
filesystems/gpfs IBM GPFS configuration on RHEL5
filesystems/ntfs NTFS on UNIX
filesystems/ntfsundelete NTFS undelete from a Linux system
filesystems/ocfs2 OCFS2 configuration
filesystems/sfcfs_0_install Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System v4.1 installation
filesystems/sfcfs_1_admin Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System v4.1 administration
filesystems/zfs Playing with ZFS
finance/phpcompta Phpcompta installation on RHEL5
fonts/msttcorefonts MS Truetype fonts (msttcorefonts)
games/ascii-art ASCII art
games/danstonchat_fr (in french) DansTonChat
games/people Come and pay your respects...
games/sayings UNIX philosophy & sayings
lang/awk AWK examples
lang/dotnet .NET tips
lang/graphviz Graphviz examples
lang/kshdev KSH development
lang/kshwwwdev KSH web development
lang/latex LaTeX tips & tricks
lang/sed regex and sed examples
lang/wordpressdev Wordpress developement
lang/wwwdev HTML & web development tips
mail/alpine-pgp Setting up Alpine with Maildir and PGP
mail/davmail Setting up DavMail as standalone server (MS Exchange proxy) with SSL enabled
mail/dovecot Setting up Dovecot v2 for local users and Maildir
mail/dovecotv1_maildir Configuring Dovecot v1 against Maildir folders on FreeBSD 8
mail/fetchmail Fetchmail configuration
mail/getmail Getmail configuration
mail/imapd UW-IMAPD configuration
mail/mail-tests Testing IMAP & SMTP
mail/majordomo Setting up Majordomo on FreeBSD 8 with Sendmail
mail/milter_clamav-milter Setting up ClamAV-milter for Sendmail on FreeBSD 8
mail/milter_dnsbl-milter Dnsbl-milter on RHEL
mail/milter-greylist Setting up milter-greylist on FreeBSD 8
mail/milter_spamass-milter Configuring spamass-milter
mail/pine Pine configuration
mail/postfix Setting up Postfix
mail/postoffice Postoffice smtp server -- mbox virtual hosts
mail/procmail-bmf Configuring Bayesian Mail Filter
mail/procmail-qsf Setting up server-side Bayesian mail filtering with procmail and QSF
mail/procmail Configuring the procmail Mail Delivery Agent
mail/sendmail_client Configuring Sendmail as an SMTP client
mail/sendmail-ldap Setting up Sendmail & OpenLDAP on NetBSD
mail/sendmail_netbsd Setting up Sendmail on NetBSD
mail/sendmail Setting up a Sendmail SMTP server with DNSBL / RBL, greylisting, ClamAV-milter, procmail and SASL on FreeBSD 8
mail/spamassassin Spamassassin system-wide configuration
mail/spamprobe Setting up SpamProbe bayesian spam filtering on FreeBSD
mail/vm-pop3d vm-pop3d -- mbox virtual hosts
meta-pkgs/licenses Open Source Licenses
misc/screen GNU screen configuration
multimedia/xbmc.redhat Turning a RHEL6 or CentOS6 system into a media center with XBMC
multimedia/xbmc.slackware Installing XBMC on Slackware 13.37
net/802.3ad_lacp 802.3ad/LACP Link Aggregation
net/dhcpd Configuring a DHCP server on RHEL5/6
net/dns_fr (in french) DNS des FAI
net/ftpinstallsrv Installation server with RHEL or NetBSD
net/inetd_port_checker Inetd port checker on RHEL
net/iscsi-initiator Configuring an iSCSI initiator on RHEL5/6
net/iscsi-target Configuring an iSCSI target on RHEL5/6
net/lukemftpd Configuring an FTP server with Tnftpd (formaly Lukemftpd)
net/monitor Self made monitoring
net/nagios_custom_scripts Installing custom Nagios NRPE scripts
net/nagios-nrpe Setting up NRPE on Nagios server and clients
net/nagios-nrpe-target Enabling nagios nrpe scripts on targets (running the nrpe service)
net/nagios Setting up Nagios
net/nagios-services Setting up Nagios service checks
net/named9 Configuring BIND9 with DLZ MySQL on NetBSD version 6
net/named-mysql Binding Bind to MySQL... On RHEL5
net/named Setting up BIND v9
net/nis Setting up NIS and NFS on NetBSD
net/ntpd NTP daemon configuration
net/openvpn Setting up a OpenVPN server and Windows clients
net/pure-ftpd_utf-8 Configuring Pure-FTPD with UTF-8
net/pxe PXE server with RHEL5,6,7
net/rsync Using rsync for backup
net/rsyslog-phpsyslog Rsyslog & PHPSyslog
net/rtorrent Installing rTorrent on Slackware 13.37
net/samba-ldap Samba/LDAP configuration (RHEL5)
net/samba_openbsd Configuring Samba on OpenBSD 5.2
net/samba Basic Samba configuration
net/spacewalk Installing Spacewalk version 1.9 on CentOS 5 using an Oracle database
net/sysmon Setting up the Sysmon system monitoring on NetBSD and FreeBSD 8
net/tcpip TCP/IP notes
net/unattended unattended@sf usage and configuration on RHEL5
net/vsftpd vsftpd configuration on Redhat
print/netbsd-cups Setting up CUPS and Splix on a NetBSD system (draft)
print/samba-bsd Setting up a Samba and BSD powered print spooler
security/advisories Security Advisories
security/cgd NetBSD CGD (CryptoGraphic Disk driver)
security/ipfilter Configuring IPFilter and IPNat on NetBSD and FreeBSD
security/netfilter Setting up Netfilter
security/network_scan Network scans
security/openssl OpenSSL notes
security/pgp PGP configuration
security/ssh_cluster SSH cluster
security/sshd OpenSSH configuration
security/ssh_tunneling SSH tunneling
security/ssh_without_password SSH without a password
shells/bash How to configure the Bash shell
shells/ksh KSH configuration
sysutils_aix/aix Some notes and tips on maintaining AIX systems
sysutils/backup Poor man's daily backup tool
sysutils_bsd/ccd CCD (Concatenated disk driver) configuration
sysutils_bsd/dragonflybsd DragonflyBSD post-installation
sysutils_bsd/freebsd_gbde FreeBSD gbde (GEOM based disk encryption) configuration
sysutils_bsd/freebsd_gmirror FreeBSD GEOM mirror configuration
sysutils_bsd/freebsd_rescue Rescuing a FreeBSD 8 system with an FreeBSD 10 installation media
sysutils_bsd/freebsd Configuring FreeBSD
sysutils_bsd/jail DragonflyBSD jail host configuration
sysutils_bsd/netbsd-amazon-ec2 Setting up netbsd on Amazon EC2
sysutils_bsd/netbsd_compile NetBSD compilation tutorial
sysutils_bsd/netbsd_desktop Setting up NetBSD for desktop use
sysutils_bsd/netbsd_diskless Setting up a diskless NetBSD/i386 system
sysutils_bsd/netbsd-pxe NetBSD PXE install server
sysutils_bsd/netbsd NetBSD post-installation and configuration
sysutils_bsd/netbsd-update Updating and upgrading NetBSD systems in production
sysutils_bsd/netbsd_usb NetBSD USB installation media
sysutils_bsd/netbsd_without_sysinst NetBSD installation from the command line (without sysinst)
sysutils_bsd/openbsd OpenBSD post-installation
sysutils_bsd/pkgsrc Pkgsrc configuration (cross UNICES)
sysutils_bsd/raidframe Settings up NetBSD RAIDframe
sysutils/bytes Note on bits versus bytes
sysutils/clusterit_monitoring Turning NetBSD into the simplest but full-featured monitoring system ever
sysutils/clusterit Clusterit / Distributed Shell
sysutils/crontab Happy happy crontab configuration
sysutils/data_protector600 HP Data Protector 6.00 installation
sysutils/dedibox_rescue_freebsd How to rescue a FreeBSD 8.3 powered Dedibox SC (gen1 & gen 2)
sysutils/dedibox_slackware_fr (in french) Slackware Linux sur Dedibox v3
sysutils/distributed_filesystems Distributed file systems
sysutils/ghost_rescue Manually ghost and rescue
sysutils_hpux/efi EFI usage
sysutils_hpux/hpux_lvm_recovery HP/UX 11iv3 LVM recovery procedure
sysutils_hpux/hpux_part1_install Installing HP/UX 11i v1 (part 1)
sysutils_hpux/hpux_part2_network Configuring the network on HP/UX 11i v1 (part 2)
sysutils_hpux/hpux_part3_system_config Configuring the user environment and services on HP/UX 11i v1 (part 3)
sysutils_hpux/hpux_part4_lvm Configuring system's storage on HP/UX 11i (part 4)
sysutils_hpux/hpux_porting_kit HP/UX Linux porting kit installation
sysutils_hpux/hpux_serial Configuring the two serial ports on HP/UX 11i (HP-9000 workstations)
sysutils_hpux/hpvm_administration HPVM (Integrity VM) administration
sysutils_hpux/hpvm_installation HPVM (Integrity VM) installation
sysutils_hpux/hpvm_installation_vse VSE Management software installation
sysutils_hpux/ignite-ux Configuring Ignite-UX on 11i v1
sysutils_hpux/ Using the Management Processor on HP Integrity (Itanium64) systems
sysutils_linux/acl ACL usage
sysutils_linux/atomic_host Setting up RHEL / CentOS Atomic Host and a testing docker application
sysutils_linux/bonding Network interface bonding
sysutils_linux/boot_recovery Boot recovery
sysutils_linux/busybox Preparing Busybox
sysutils_linux/common Common notes for GNU/Linux systems
sysutils_linux/coolnquiet Enabling AMD Cool'n'Quiet
sysutils_linux/debian-mirror Setting up a Debian / Ubuntu mirror
sysutils_linux/debian Debian / Ubuntu Server notes
sysutils_linux/fancontrol Controlling fan speeds
sysutils_linux/hba-multipath HBA & multipathing on RHEL
sysutils_linux/initramfs Custom rescue/ghost initramfs
sysutils_linux/kernel_custom Custom Linux kernel configuration (2.6)
sysutils_linux/kernel_hardware Hardware specific Linux kernel configurations
sysutils_linux/kernel Linux kernel configuration
sysutils_linux/kickstart Setting up Kickstart for RHEL7 and RHEL6
sysutils_linux/logwatch Daily mail reports with logwatch
sysutils_linux/lvm2 LVM2 usage and administration
sysutils_linux/mdadm Software RAID with MD devices on Linux
sysutils_linux/p2v_cpio Migrating and re-building Linux systems (P2V) with cpio
sysutils_linux/p2v_linux_fr (in french) P2V Linux, migration d'une machine physique Linux en machine virtuelle
sysutils_linux/redhat-disable-services Cleaning up unneeded services on redhat RHEL 3,4,5,6,7...
sysutils_linux/redhat-networking Redhat Networking
sysutils_linux/redhat_packages Redhat package management
sysutils_linux/redhat-repositories Setting up local network redhat, centos, vmware repositories
sysutils_linux/redhat-rhcs Setting up a cluster base with redhat/centos Cluster suite (RHCS)
sysutils_linux/redhat-rhcs-services Setting up HA services with redhat/centos Cluster Suite (RHCS)
sysutils_linux/redhat_rhel6 RHEL6 post-installation
sysutils_linux/redhat_rhel7 RHEL7 post-installation
sysutils_linux/redhat Setting up redhat RHEL 3,4,5,6,7
sysutils_linux/slackware_pkgsrc pkgsrc on Slackware Linux
sysutils_linux/slackware Slackware Linux configuration
sysutils_linux/slackware_slackinst slackinst - automated slackware installation script
sysutils_linux/sles Notes on using Novell SLES
sysutils_linux/systemd Maintaining init.d vs systemd scripts
sysutils_linux/ubuntu-desktop Ubuntu Desktop survival guide
sysutils_linux/ubuntu Maintaining Ubuntu workstations
sysutils_linux/windows_happy Linux - Windows happy happy
sysutils/livecd Live CDs
sysutils/log_rotation Log rotation techniques
sysutils/mbr_dos_floppy MBR & boot floppies
sysutils/mcsg_package MC/SG service package configuration
sysutils/mcsg MC/ServiceGuard on RHEL5
sysutils/misc Miscellaneous Unix tips (doesn’t fit anywhere else)
sysutils/regain_root_fr (in french) Recuperation mot de passe UNIX
sysutils/smart Monitoring disk health
sysutils_sunos/solaris10 Configuring Oracle Solaris 10
sysutils_sunos/solaris11 Solaris 11 post-installation
sysutils/utf8 UTF-8 system configuration
sysutils_xen/dom0_debian Debian GNU/Linux XEN dom0
sysutils_xen/dom0_netbsd Configuring a NetBSD/XEN dom0
sysutils_xen/dom0_redhat RHEL5 XEN dom0
sysutils_xen/dom0_rhel6 XEN4 RHEL6 dom0 (pv_ops)
sysutils_xen/dom0 XEN usage and tweaks
sysutils_xen/dom0_slackware XEN4 Slackware Linux XEN dom0/pv_ops installation
sysutils_xen/guest_hvm HVM XEN guest
sysutils_xen/guest_netbsd Installing a NetBSD/XEN paravirtualized guest
sysutils_xen/guest_p2v P2V for XEN
sysutils_xen/guest_redhat RHEL/XEN paravirtualized guest
sysutils_xen/guest Managing XEN guests
sysutils_xen/guest_slackware Slackware64/XEN paravirtualized guest
sysutils_xen/netbsd-xen-dom0 Setting up NetBSD/XEN hypervisor and dom0
sysutils_xen/netbsd-xen-guests Setting up XEN guests on a NetBSD/XEN dom0
sysutils_xen/network_bridge XEN -- Bridge network configuration
sysutils_xen/network_hybrid XEN -- Hybrid network configuration
sysutils_xen/network_nat XEN -- NAT network configuration
sysutils_xen/network_route XEN - Route network configuration
sysutils_xen/network XEN network configuration
wm/blackbox Blackbox configuration
wm/fvwm2 Feline/Fucking Virtual Window Manager 2 configuration
wm/mwm Motif Window Manager
wm/twm Twm configuration
wm/windowmaker Window Maker configuration
www/ajaxterm Ajaxterm configuration
www/apache2 Setting up Apache 2.4 with SSL
www/apache2-ssl Enabling SSL on Apache 2
www/apache_ad Setting up Apache 2.4 for AD authentication (with and without LDAPS)
www/apache_mod_python Apache/mod_python configuration
www/caching Web Caching
www/caldav_apache Building CalDAV with Apache
www/caldav_radicale CalDAV with Radicale
www/cmsdotnet .NET powered CMS
www/cms CMS & Blog engines
www/distributions UNIX Distributions
www/embed Embedded web tools
www/fluxbb FluxBB configuration
www/groupware_erp Groupwares, CRM, ERP engines and application servers
www/openlayers OpenStreetMap with OpenLayers
www/orbeon_forms Orbeon Forms on RHEL5
www/phpldapadmin Phpldapadmin configuration (RHEL5)
www/phpmyadmin phpMyAdmin 2.x configuration
www/roundcube_freebsd Installing Roundcube 1.1 on FreeBSD 9
www/roundcube RoundCube installation
www/squid Squid tutorial
www/thttpd thttpd configuration
www/tomcat_oracle Tomcat - Oracle configuration
www/tomcat Tomcat configuration
www/viewcvs Configuring ViewCVS on RHEL
www/web_templates Web templates
www/werc werc web framework install and config
www/wordpress Wordpress configuration
x11/q4os Setting up the Q4OS system
x11/xfree86 X11 configuration

(obsolete, see the new doc)