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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Solaris 10 system preparation for Oracle 10g
Should work for any Solaris 10 : x86, x86_64 and sparc64
Check you have a quite large mount point for Oracle,
df -h /u01
check you have at least 400MB there,
df -h /tmp
check you have at least 1024MB of RAM,
/usr/sbin/prtconf | grep "Memory size"
check you have at least 2048MB of swap,
/usr/sbin/swap -s
check for 32-bit or 64-bit system,
/bin/isainfo -kv
check for Solaris version 5.10,
uname -r
check for installed packages,
pkginfo -i \
SUNWarc \
SUNWbtool \
SUNWhea \
SUNWlibm \
SUNWlibms \
SUNWsprot \
SUNWtoo \
SUNWi1of \
SUNWi1cs \
SUNWi15cs \
note. nevermind "SUNWsprox", that was for Solaris 8 & 9
note. "/usr/sbin/patchadd -p" to check for installed patches
check for Bash,
ll /usr/bin/bash
Make sure the hostname is fully qualified,
note. "domainname" should return nothing
make sure name resolution calls files then dns,
vi /etc/nsswitch.conf
hosts:  files dns
Prepare the system
Check no Oracle has been installed before,
ll /var/opt/oracle/oraInst.loc
ll /var/opt/oracle/oratab
create the needed groups,
/usr/sbin/groupadd oinstall
/usr/sbin/groupadd dba
/usr/sbin/groupadd oper
check the "oracle" user doesn't already exist,
grep oracle /etc/passwd
create the "oracle" user,
/usr/sbin/useradd -m -d /export/home/oracle -g oinstall -G dba,oper -s /usr/bin/bash oracle
note. "-m" to create oracle home directory
note. use "usermod" afterwards if needed
define its password,
passwd -r files oracle
make sure the "nobody" user exists,
id nobody
#grep nobody /etc/passwd
#/usr/sbin/useradd nobody
Configure kernel parameters,
cd /etc
cp -p system system.dist
vi system
add those lines,
set noexec_user_stack=1
set semsys:seminfo_semmni=100
set semsys:seminfo_semmns=1024
set semsys:seminfo_semmsl=256
set semsys:seminfo_semvmx=32767
set shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=4294967295
set shmsys:shminfo_shmmin=1
set shmsys:shminfo_shmmni=100
set shmsys:shminfo_shmseg=10
and reboot,
init 6
Prepare those directories,
mkdir -p /u01/app/oracle/tmp
chown -R oracle:oinstall /u01/app/oracle
chmod -R 775 /u01/app/oracle
Note. careful not to chown "lost+found"...
Prepare a shortcut to oratab eventhough it will be created later,
cd /etc
ln -s /var/opt/oracle/oraInst.loc
ln -s /var/opt/oracle/oratab
Oracle 10g on Solaris 10 SPARC installation notes :

(obsolete, see the new doc)