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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Oracle RMAN -- Setting up a catalog
Using RMAN with a catalog is much more convenient, otherwise the informations are only stored into database's controlfile.
In Brief
- create a database for the catalog
- create tablespaces and schema
- create the catalog
- register a database to be backed up
Create a database for the catalog
Create a custom database with e.g. those parameters,
SID rcat
w/o EM
all options disabled
total memory ~512MB
block size 8k
WE8ISO8859P15 charset
Note. you can secure the db if you like, sending one controlfile and adding members to the redo log groups to some other mount point.
Note. don't forget oratab
Note. don't forget listener & tnsnames
Create tablespaces and schema
As sys, prepare tablespaces and user/schema for the catalog,
create tablespace rcat
datafile '/u02/oradata/rcat/rcat.dbf' size 100M
autoextend on;
create temporary tablespace rcattmp
tempfile '/u02/oradata/rcat/rcattmp.dbf' size 10M
autoextend on;
create user cat identified by CATPASSWD
default tablespace rcat
temporary tablespace rcattmp;
grant connect, resource, recovery_catalog_owner to cat;
Create the catalog
Connect to RMAN and create the catalog,
rman catalog cat/CATPASSWD@rcat
create catalog tablespace rcat;
note. lowcase w/o quotes doesn't always work
Register the database
Configure tnsnames and check,
tnsping dbname
Now connect to both, the database you want to register and the catalog (check tnsnames),
rman target sys/PASSWORD@dbname rcvcat cat/CATPASSWD@rcat
register database;
N.B. eventually add an alias to your bashrc to connect to rman

(obsolete, see the new doc)