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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


OpenVMS licensing
Assuming you get your licenses from OpenVMS Hobbyist (, and you're a member of DECUServe or Connect (, you need to get those two PAKS:
- OpenVMS (VAX or Alpha) Base License
- OpenVMS Layered Products (104 PAK's!)
note. you can register at DECUServe through telnet
note. Connect Community is the new HP user group. DECUS France doesn't exist anymore, for example. Neither does HP Interex France.
With the first one, you'll enable the system, with the second, various products including UCX (TCP/IP).
See what's licensed already,
show license
show license /charge
Register your Authorization Keys (PAKs),
Note. Product names seen so far for the Base License PAK,
Product Name: VAX-VMS (?)
Note. Product names seen so far for the 104 PAKs,
Product Name: UCX
Product Name: UCX-IP-CLIENT
Product Name: UCX-IP-NFS
Product Name: UCX-IP-RT
Available PAK's - OpenVMS Hobbyist Program
OpenVMS Product Listing
UCX license strange
Howto get TCP/IP working on OpenVMS 7.3

(obsolete, see the new doc)