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OpenVMS 6.1 VAX installation
%imgs vms-shark-large.gif
We're using this cdrom in this guide,
OpenVMS VAX Version 6.1, Binaries & Documentation (Disc 1 of 1, April 1994)
Boot the backup utility
Boot with the mentioned cdrom,
>>> boot dka400
Note. here, this version shows up,
OpenVMS VAX Version X5ZX-C3L Major version id = 1 Minor version id = 0
Enter time and date,
08-AUG-2011 13:00
You'll enter the backup environment. This message shows up, leading to a '$' prompt,
%BACKUP-I-IDENT, Stand-alone BACKUP V6.1; the date is 8-AUG-2011 13:01:23.89
Identify the source drive (here dka400). Identify the target drive (here dka200). Install OpenVMS,
$ backup/image/verify dka400:vms061.b/save_set dka200:
Once the operation is completed, use the halt button behind the box (next to the connectors) to get back to the >>> prompt w/o powering off and on the machine, and boot with the target disk,
>>> boot dka200
Note. here, this version shows up,
OpenVMS VAX Version BI61-5ZX Major version id = 1 Minor version id = 0
Enter time and date,
08-AUG-2011 13:10
Answer yes (y) to all question but DECwindows (which isn't part of the base distribution),
* Do you want to provide optional DECwindows support? (Y/N)
For a basic and standalone installation,
* Will this node be a cluster member? (Y/N)
Scnode as hostname, and Scssystemid from 1025 to 65535,
* Please enter the SCSSYSTEMID: 1025
note. corresponds to DECnet addres "1.1"
Never mind the license warning, we will fix this later,
%LICENSE-E-NOAUTH, DEC VAX-VMS use is not authorized on this node
-LICENSE-F-NOLICENSE, no license is active for this software product
-LICENSE-I-SYSMGR, please see your system manager
Never mind those errors, it happens as long the installation isn't completed,
%SYSGEN-E-FNF, file not found
The SYSTEST_CLIG account will be disabled. You must re-enable
it before running UETP but do not assign a password.
Default boot device
Reset the nvram parameters, define a default boot device, and boot,
>>> unjam
>>> show boot
>>> set boot dka200
>>> boot

Last update: Aug 16, 2011