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Mylex DAC960 / DEC KZPAC RAID controller 




We've got a Digital KZPAC-XF (E04) card, which is in fact a Mylex DAC960 with a custom firmware from Digital. It's a 3 channels, 7 targets controller with 8MB. Works fine e.g. on an Alphaserver 800 ( 



Firmware update and RAID configuration utility 

Okay. First, we want to update the firmware from the SRM console or AlphaBIOS, without the need of an operating system. Fortunately, that's possible. The previous RAID Flash utility was 'ra200fl.exe', executable from the AlphaBIOS. It has been replaced by 'arcfl.exe'. Same for the RAID Configuration Utility. Previous version was 'ra200rcu.exe', then 'arccf.exe', launchable (only) from the AlphaBIOS. 


Both are available at, (ra200fl and rcu) (ra200fl and rcu) (arcfl and arccf) 


As for the firmware itself, the latest available is 2.70, there and there 

note. there seem to be more recent firmwares than 2.70 but probably for other, also more recent, boards (not the one we got): 


ra200fl: version 03.10a (may 13 1998) 

arffl: version 4.21-05 (mar 22 1999) 


ra200rcu: version 4.78-08 (09/03/98) 

arccf: version 4.78-23 (03/04/1999) 


Put arcfl.exe and SWXCRFWP.270 on a floppy, and use the AlphaBIOS to execute the flash utility, 

Utilities > Run maintenance program

the flash utility then asks for a filename to use for the firmware update, 


note. if you use ra200fl instead, change the firmware filename to SWXCRFWP.ima first. It will load it by default. 



Linux and BSDs 

Linux, NetBSD and probably older FreeBSD version all have drivers the DAC960 Mylex card. 


Linux refs. 


NetBSD usage, 

dmesg | grep ^mlx
mlxctl cstatus
mlxctl status
mlxctl config




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