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MicroVAX 3100 and 3100-80 




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We've got two Microvaxes, one 3100 and one 3100 model 80. 



Firmware versions: 

uVAX 3100: KA41-D  V1.0
uVAX 3100-80: KA47-A V1.4-38D-V4.2


Unjam bus adapters from potentially locked state (and possibly CPU and other hardware), 

>>> unjam


Initialize the cpu, 

>>> initialize


Look for available devices, 

>>> show dev
>>> show config
>>> show scsi


Define a default boot device (e.g. dka200), 

>>> set boot dka200

reset it to null, 

>>> set boot .


Boot OpenVMS with sysboot (single user mode equivalent), 

>>> boot/1 dka200



Microvax-3100-console-hack asbesto.txt