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Those documents are obsolete, please use the Nethence Documentation instead.


The ideal power-train configuration
Bosch injection pump + XUD11 engine + LT77 or R380 gearbox
Le moteur XU
LT77 and R380 Rover gearboxes
Apparently it's possile to use plug a LT77 as well as an R380 gearbox to a XUD engine.
Rover R380 gearbox
Compatibilité R380 short bell housing (cloche courte)?
R380 gearbox, LDV bellhousing & bits for XUD RWD conversion
99-PSA Kit de calage distribution PSA
RWD Conversion - 1.9 XUD + LDV box
LDV pilot RWD gearbox
LDV pilot RWD gearbox
LT77 - R380 swap
will a r380 gearbox fit in an ldv pilot?
LT77 gearbox & LDV Pilot gearbox
R380 gearbox to rover v8
Lt77/R380 to RWD format
Some history of Land Rover gearboxes
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Last update: Feb 06, 2016