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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Setting up POIs into your Tomtom
Basic alerts using TomTom HOME
Install danger alerts (security camera warnings) for the countries of your choosing,
TomTome HOME > Services > Zones de danger
Adding third-parity POIs security cameras
If you are not satified enought with the built-in service, download additional Points Of Interests of your choosing.
For example for France, even though the web site is horrible like hell, the POIs are well maintained by a team of contributors. There are two editions of the POI files, the standard edition and the PLUS edition for the team members.
last updates: --> -->
Otherwise there is also
And also
- extract 49s__RM_.ZIP and 49s_RF_.ZIP content into the map folder
- use tomtom home "Operating my TomTom" to,
  modifier les préférences > gérer les PI
  avertir quand PI proches pour ces trois là : 250 mètres
RadarF (fixe) --> Bell 1
RadarFR (feu route) --> Bell 2
RadardM (mobile) --> Bell3
  #default modifier les préférences > afficher PI sur la carte

(obsolete, see the new doc)