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Those documents are obsolete, please use the Nethence Documentation instead.


Setting up POIs into your Tomtom
Basic alerts using TomTom HOME
Install danger alerts (security camera warnings) for the countries of your choosing,
TomTome HOME > Services > Zones de danger
Adding third-parity POIs security cameras
If you are not satified enought with the built-in service, download additional Points Of Interests of your choosing.
For example for France, even though the web site is horrible like hell, the POIs are well maintained by a team of contributors. There are two editions of the POI files, the standard edition and the PLUS edition for the team members.
last updates: --> -->
Otherwise there is also
And also
- extract 49s__RM_.ZIP and 49s_RF_.ZIP content into the map folder
- use tomtom home "Operating my TomTom" to,
  modifier les préférences > gérer les PI
  avertir quand PI proches pour ces trois là : 250 mètres
RadarF (fixe) --> Bell 1
RadarFR (feu route) --> Bell 2
RadardM (mobile) --> Bell3
  #default modifier les préférences > afficher PI sur la carte

(obsolete, see the new doc)