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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Maintaining SUN ZFS Storage 7320
Web interface
Setup Network, DNS, NTP, SMTP, Phone Home,
Configuration > Network...
Configuration > Services > DNS
Configuration > Services > NTP
Configuration > Services > SMTP
Configuration > Services > Phone Home (oracle support email & pass)
View the status,
Configuration > Storage / Device Status
Maintenance > Hardware overview > Disk Shelves
Maintenance > System > Problems
Setup some alerts,
Configuration > Alerts / Alert actions
Add some SSH public keys,
Configuration > Preferences / SSH Public Keys
System update,
Maintenance > System > Current Installation / check now
Cli - Setup
Define a name for e.g. the disk shelve,
maintenance hardware
select chassis-001
set name=sunsan-shelf
Cli - Monitoring
Why is the fault/warning led on? Show the problems,
status show
configuration storage show
maintenance hardware show
maintenance problems show
maintenance system disks show
maintenance hardware
select chassis-001
select disk
cd ..
cd ..
confirm shell fmadm faulty
Further checks,
confirm shell
zpool list
zpool list -o name,size,altroot
zpool status
#zpool status <poolname>
zpool status -l
zpool status -l -v
zfs list
Cli - Maintenance
Locate a disk for maintenance,
maintenance hardware show
confirm shell zfs list
confirm shell zpool status
confirm shell zpool status -l
blink location led,
hardware maintenance
select chassis-001
select disk-021
set locate=true
Cli - Troubleshooting
If you get this error with maintenance hardware show,
chassis-001 1207QCQ012 faulted Sun Microsystems, Inc. Sun Disk Shelf (SAS-2) 1207QCQ012 15000
and this error when looking at fmadm faulty,
Description : The device configuration for JBOD '1207QCQ012' is invalid.
Refer to for more
Response : None.
Impact : The disks contained within the enclosure cannot be used as part
of a storage pool.
Action : Correct the configuration to conform to a valid configuration.
==> note the 7320 disk shelves are designed to be used with either 20 or 24 HDDs. In the 20 HDDs setup (disk-000 to disk-019), the slots 020 to 023 should be used for SSD log disks, at least 020 should be filled in. Make sure there is not an unused DATA disk in slots 021,022,023. Triple-heck with chassis disk show, zpool status and zpool status -l (and wc -l).
Ref. Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance: "The disks contained within the enclosure cannot be used as part of a storage pool" is reported (AK-8003-Y6) (Doc ID 1909128.1)
Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Documentation Library 2013.1.0:
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(obsolete, see the new doc)