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Those documents are obsolete, please use the Nethence Documentation instead.


Setting up SUN ILOM
Note. some ilom systems have CMM, other have Service Processors, adapt /SP/ vs /CMM/ accordingly.
ilom web network & alerts setup
Standard servers, zfs storage and blades ilom
Setup the network and enable alerts,
System Information > Indentification Information: hostname...
Configuration > System Management Access > Web Server: 80 enabled 443 enabled (and all crypt enabled if there's those additional checkboxes available)
Configuration > System Management Access > SSL Certificate: upload your PKCS12/PEM public & private_no_pass files
Configuration > Network
Configuration > DNS
Configuration > Clock: enable NTP and point to your NTP servers
Configuration > Timezone: Europe/Paris or whatever
Configuration > SMTP Client: point to your SMTP local relay
Configuration > Alert Management: configure the first alert
Level Major
Type Email
Email address: ...
Note. OK Major = Major + Critical + Down...
Configuring Alert Notifications:
Configure and Test Alert Notification (IPMI PET, SNMP, or Email):
TABLE 4-1 Properties for Defining Alert Rules:
Alert Notification Configuration Properties:
System Monitoring and Alert Management:
Alert Notification Configuration Properties:
Blade 6000 chassis global ilom interface
Same settings as above but tru a different path:
ILOM Administration / Identification: hostname...
ILOM Administration / System Management Access / Web server...
ILOM Administration / System Management Access / SSL Certificate...
ILOM Administration / Connectivity / Network: Edit /CH/CMM/NET0
ILOM Administration / Connectivity / DNS...
ILOM Administration / Date and Time / Clock...
ILOM Administration / Date and Time / Timezone
ILOM Administration / Notifications / SMTP Client...
ILOM Administration / Notifications / Alerts...
ilom cli network setup
Setup networking
from the official doc
-> set pendingipdiscovery=static
-> set pendingipaddress=
-> set pendingipnetmask=
-> set pendingipgateway=
-> set commitpending=true
deal with faults
Check the status and faults,
System Information -> Idnetification Information
Get rid of irrelevant faults,
show faulty
set /CH/PS1/FAN2 clear_fault_action=true
set /CH/PS1/FAN1 clear_fault_action=true
set /CH/PS1/FAN0 clear_fault_action=true
set /SYS clear_fault_action=true
start /CMM/faultmgmt/shell
#start /SP/faultmgmt/shell
fmadm faulty
fmadm repair (e.g. 6a4cfd92-7031-4658-adb0-f9faac0b2fe9)
fmadm repair (e.g. 866a6fe0-76aa-ce8f-94a5-cdc6a0fd7772)
then reset the CMM,
reset /CMM

(obsolete, see the new doc)