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Those documents are obsolete, please use the Nethence Documentation instead.


Customizing the Nokia S40 series system
example models 6021 and 112
Enjoy your good old S40 powered cell phone!
Model 112
settings > restore factory settings
settings > device settings > lang. settings > device language: english
settings > device settings > help text activation: off
settings > device settings > start-up tone: off
settings > font size > messaging: small font
settings > font size > contacts: normal font
(writing an sms) > options > writing language: ...
(writing an sms) > options > prediction: on
Model 6021
Eventually disable the delivery reports, as the 6021 doesn't have much on-board memory! Disable auto lock otherwise you might have some connection troubles when using the CA-42 cable with your PC.
Phone settings
Language: English (instead of local language, it is easyer to debug)
Restore factory settings
(enter PUK?)
Personal shortcuts
Right selection key: Calculator
Phone settings
Automatic keyguard: off
(Cell info display?)
#Packet data
#Packet data connection: Always online
Message settings
Text messages > Sending profile > Default profile > Delivery reports: yes/no
Text messages > Save sent messages: yes/no
Other settings > Font size: small font
Note. as for Orange french Gsm provider, message centre number is +33 6 89 00 40 00
Info messages
Info service: off

(obsolete, see the new doc)