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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Customizing the Nokia S40 series system
example models 6021 and 112
Enjoy your good old S40 powered cell phone!
Model 112
settings > restore factory settings
settings > device settings > lang. settings > device language: english
settings > device settings > help text activation: off
settings > device settings > start-up tone: off
settings > font size > messaging: small font
settings > font size > contacts: normal font
(writing an sms) > options > writing language: ...
(writing an sms) > options > prediction: on
Model 6021
Eventually disable the delivery reports, as the 6021 doesn't have much on-board memory! Disable auto lock otherwise you might have some connection troubles when using the CA-42 cable with your PC.
Phone settings
Language: English (instead of local language, it is easyer to debug)
Restore factory settings
(enter PUK?)
Personal shortcuts
Right selection key: Calculator
Phone settings
Automatic keyguard: off
(Cell info display?)
#Packet data
#Packet data connection: Always online
Message settings
Text messages > Sending profile > Default profile > Delivery reports: yes/no
Text messages > Save sent messages: yes/no
Other settings > Font size: small font
Note. as for Orange french Gsm provider, message centre number is +33 6 89 00 40 00
Info messages
Info service: off

(obsolete, see the new doc)