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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Nokia PC Suite primer
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I don’t use smartphones, but the good old ones. I just want a simple cell phone. The Nokia 6021 for example is just fine. Its battery lasts one week or two, thanks to the minimalist operating system and CPU it contains. I'm using the "Nokia connectivity adapter cable CA-42" but infrared and Bluetooth are also available on this cell phone.
PC Suite version comparaison
I prefer the design and usability of PC Suite versions 6.8x, but it has issues:
- the SMS message list doesn’t resolve against the contact list,
- where to edit the agenda, notes and birthday alarms?,
- and you're prompted to synchronize after each modification...
Old Version of Nokia PC Suite:
The design of the 7.x version really hurts (especially anti-aliasing and with the Vista or Win7 style), but it's quite usable in the end:
- it permits to have a global view on the birthday alarms (yearly) and to edit them,
- partial and immediate updates are used instead of a whole synchronizations,
- you can use it right away after the installation w/o a reboot.
What you need to install Nokia PC Suite:
More details on PC suite versions:
- 4.31 is infrared capable only,
- 4.81 needs the cable to be connected, but only supports serial cables,
- 4.88 has the connection manager w/o the usb button. it needs a restart after install and uninstall,
- 5.8 has usb feature but doesn't see the connection, eventhough I've installed the seperate cable driver. Needs a reboot after uninstall only,
- 6.3 apparently doesn't contain the driver. It asks to restart after uninstall.
- 6.82 contains the driver and pc connectivity solution, driver says CA-41 GSM USB modem, and it works!
CA-42 driver issue
I had to use the version of the cable driver, otherwise it wouldn't be recognized. Versions and simply fail to acknoledge the device. Also you may have to install PC Suite first, de-install the CA-42 driver which can be included and then install the right ( one. An alternative would be to use the PC suite version 6.82 included driver wich works too (if it isn't the same one...). For other connectivity issues do not forget to clean-up the pins and connectors on the phone.
Additional notes
You can listen to your .amr recording in that folder,
  Nokia Phone Browser\Nokia 6021\Mémoire du téléphone\Gallery\Recordings\
Backups are readable with the free and open source NbuExplorer application.
The prefered way to move your contacts from one phone to another is to copy all of your contacts to an empty folder as .vcf files,
(create empty folder)
select all of your contacts with PC Suite 7 (may also work with v6?)
Ctrl-V into the empty folder
then import all the .vcf files at once into the new phone.
Forum aux questions - Qu'est-ce que les codes d'accès (codes PIN, codes PUK, codes de restriction, codes de sécurité et mots de passe)? :

(obsolete, see the new doc)