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Warning: those guides are mostly obsolete, please have a look at the new documentation.


Fixing an HP LaserJet P5003n printer
Quick Setup
On the printer built-in display menu,
configure device > system setup > language > english
configure device > resets > restore factory settings
configure device > system setup > show address
On the provided web interface through network, you might want to tweak those options:
Settings / Language
Settings / E-mail Server
Settings / Date & Time
Networking / ...
If it stucks at RAM check during startup (and there isn't a buggy toshiba chip on it), bake the formatter board at approx 175 C° for six minutes. Place it back and it is up and running again -- it worked here.
Ref. HP LaserJet P3005 hangs during startup:
If the firmware upgrade stucks at 0% on the printer display and at power on you get,
Downld file now
then use the process advertised there:
RFU Load Error Send RFU upgrade [USB download instructions]:
Note. this USB method is only mandatory for the device that doesn't have any parallel port like the p3005n.
laserjet p3005 firwmware update stucks at 0%:
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Other References
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(obsolete, see the new doc)